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We serve our clients and mandates in the following fields: 

All legal fields.

We can serve in all right areas, Civil law, Criminal law, Administrative law. We have experience in nearly all general areas. For special cases we have all contacts necessary and required to specialists. 

International commercial transactions.

We are familiar in the completion and execution of international commercial transactions.
  • goods traffic import/export
  • production of all legal contracts
  • bank contacts, Account openings, and legal confirmation from the financial transactions. 

Legislation on real estate.

We advise professionally in all questions approximately around the real estate; Acquisition, Net yield, Sales, Administration. 


Consultation in all legal and economic questions for the establishment of a society or firm. Organization of foundation possible in all European countries. 
  • draft of the notary contracts for foundation
  • articles of association
  • contacts and correspondence to authorities and courts
  • contacts to tax offices for tax declarations and bookkeeping of the business of the societies
  • completion of all formalities for the societies. 

Management of all economic and legal tasks of the mandates from the foreign country.   

  • Visas for the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe.   Visa for business purposes. Contacts to messages and authorities.
  • assistance with customs formalities export/import
  • fiscal services.
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